چیپ SS94A2 یک سنسور موقعیت خطی اثر هال می باشد سفارش خارج - زمان تحویل 2 تا 4 هفته کاری

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چیپ SS94A2 یک سنسور موقعیت خطی اثر هال می باشد

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چیپ SS94A2 یک سنسور موقعیت اثر هال خطی می باشد.
The SS9 utilizes a Hall effect integrated circuit chip which provides increased temperature stability and performance. Laser trimmed thick film resistors on the ceramic substrate and thin film resistors on the integrated circuit reduce null and gain shifts over temperature which results in consistent sensitivity from one device to the next.
The output is clamped at the high end.
Clamping voltage may be as low as 9 Vdc.
The output will not exceed the clamping voltage regardless of field strength or power supply.

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